About CFB

The Suffolk County Campaign Finance Board (CFB) is a nonpartisan, independent agency authorized to administer the Suffolk County Fair Elections Matching Fund Program. Suffolk is the largest county in New York State to establish a public campaign finance program.

Matching Funds are available to Suffolk residents running for County Legislator or County Executive. Candidates who join the program can qualify for matching funds by agreeing to comply with contribution and expenditure limits. By encouraging and incentivizing small donations, the program seeks to boost engagement between voters and those who seek to represent them. The result is greater responsiveness of elected officials, government accountability and transparency, and an increase in public confidence in the electoral process.


It is our mission to promote the proper administration of the Fair Elections Matching Fund Program, heighten accountability, instill and strengthen trust in the electoral process, and remove financial barriers, allowing any constituent or incumbent, regardless of party affiliation, to run for office.


We aim to amplify the voice of all residents in Suffolk County, to mitigate the influence of large donors and special interest groups, and encourage all citizens to run for office. By providing a 4 to 1 match in public funds, the program maximizes the impact of small donations and increases engagement between voters and those who seek to represent them. Suffolk County is best served by candidates accountable to the people who can come from all walks of life.