Quadruple your ability to compete and win in 2023.



The Suffolk County Fair Elections Matching Fund (FEMF) program empowers voters and expands opportunities for both, first-time candidates and incumbents, running for Suffolk County Executive. By participating in the Fair Election Matching Fund Program, your supporters’ small-dollar donations go further — up to four times further!

Eligible contributions are matched $4 to $1, up to $250, for a maximum match of $1,000 per donation to be used towards allowable campaign expenditures. For example, a $250 qualifying donation will result in a $1,000 match, bringing the total value of the donation to $1,250.

For County Executive, eligible candidates may receive up to a maximum of $1 million. If you are involved in a primary, you may receive up to $1.3 million in public financing for the election cycle.

TOP FIVE things to know and do NOW to qualify:

  1. Engage your constituents! To receive matching funds, County Executive candidates’ must first secure 150 small contributions totaling at least $25,000 from donors who reside within Suffolk County. While individual donations up to $25,000 can be accepted, only the first $250 will be matched.
  2. Raise & spend wisely
    General Election General & Primary
    Maximum Public Contributions $1 million $1.2 million
    Maximum Expenditures $2 million $2.5 million
    Check out a list of qualifying expenditures available on the SCCFB website today.
  3. Register online with CFB Visit our website and fill out the CFB inquiry form to receive more information.
  4. Update campaign materials Let your donors know about contribution limits (e.g. “Please no donations over $25,000.”)
  5. Submit timely and accurate contributions and expenditures to the Suffolk County Campaign Finance Board.
  6. Amplify Your Voice, Run For Something Today!

    For more details visit our website: www.sccfb.suffolkcountyny.gov

    DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein contains legal interpretation it is strongly recommended that the candidate seek independent advice from an attorney. Nothing contained in this brochure shall be considered legally binding upon the Campaign Finance Board.

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