1. Empowerment
  2. Matched donations empower candidates to run and win by engaging their constituents so that everyone’s voice counts and everyone’s choice matters.

  3. Accessibility
  4. All voters—and democracy—benefit from a level playing field for fundraising, where candidates and campaigns compete on ideas and enthusiasm.

  5. Accountability
  6. Candidates should aim to raise money from residents who reside in the very community in which they serve. Participants must agree to audit and oversight by the Campaign Finance Board to ensure compliance and fiscal responsibility.

  7. Inclusivity
  8. Candidates should be able to fundraise successfully by engaging as many voters as possible, not just a select few.

  9. Competition
  10. Opportunity drives competition and expands the choice for voters. Public campaign finance affords all citizens the opportunity to run for office regardless of background, wealth, or political party affiliation.

  11. Transparency
  12. Public financing ensures transparency. The way a candidate conducts their campaign counts as much as who they are, the promises they make, how they achieve them, and the public's access to their campaign data.

  13. Equity
  14. Matching small-dollar donations with public funds provide advantages to candidates who may have otherwise, lacked the financial resources to compete for an elected office.

  15. Inspiration
  16. The Fair Elections Matching Fund Program is an investment in fair and open elections, inspiring the next generation of leaders from all backgrounds.

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DISCLAIMER: To the extent that the information contained herein contains legal interpretation it is strongly recommended that the candidate seek independent advice from an attorney. Nothing contained in this brochure shall be considered legally binding upon the Campaign Finance Board.

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